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This 25 year old European shares the love for almost anything with an engine! Working in the automotive industry, he picked up a camera at an early age and started to chase the still new sport of drifting at his home track, Road Atlanta.

Jonathon started his own photography business in the early months of 2019 establishing himself out of Atlanta, Ga. Picking up jobs and contracts at local racetracks, businesses, and with locals, he still finds himself traveling the country shooting specifically for racing events. The love remains and continues to grow for the most thrilling and adventurous sport in existence.

With hopes and aspirations to start his own racing career in the near future, Jonathon sees himself continuing to work hard to gain more knowledge from the grassroots drivers and teams that exist all over the United States all the while taking some exciting photos of them doing what they do best!

Michael House
Photographer / videographer
MHous5e Media

My name is Michael House & I’m the owner & operator of MHOU5E MEDIA. I have been doing media for the race community on & off for the last 10 years.

I Also spent a few years co-hosting Driftbasic Grassroots Drift Series, where I helped teach people the basics of drifting. I spent a few years competing as well. But now I am back shooting photos & videos!